VCS CRITICAL V-16-1-1073 DiskGroup:xxxx:monitor:Disk Group: xxxx is disabled on system: xxx. System will panic to migrate all service groups to another VCS node

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When one data dg is disabled , the SG is failover and this node is panic.

Error Message

Mar 12 15:00:58 g4cs1010 Had[54]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] VCS CRITICAL V-16-1-1073 (g4cs1010) DiskGroup:DG_databak_data:monitor:Disk Group: dghq_databak_data is disabled on system: g4cs1010. System will panic to migrate all service groups to another VCS node in system list


The DiskGroup agent has a function named PanicSystemOnDGLOSS. this function serves to move the service group from the faulty node to a working node should the DiskGroup become disabled or otherwise unresponsive. the machine is panicked to preserve data integrity and to allow the diskgroup to be removed from the system that is having the issue. This allows the service group to migrate to a working host.

in version 5.0 to 5.0MP3 this attribute is set at default to 1 which is to panic the system on DiskGroup loss.
in versions 5.1 and above, this attribute is set at default to 0 which will not panic the system on diskgroup loss.


Change the resource attribute :
open configuration file:
#haconf -makerw  
next modify the attribute:
#hares -modify <DG resource> PanicSystemOnDGLoss <value>
next, close the configuration:
#haconf -dump -makero
manually edit
#hastop -all -force
edit file on one node:
#vi /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/
start had on all cluster nodes:

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