Snapshots to Solaris client using the Storage Foundation stack fail with a 156.

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When using the RealTime snapshots to backup Solaris client having Storage foundation stack, subsequent backups after snapshot rotation (after crossing Max snapshot value in policy) start failing. Backups start working only after reboot of Solaris host. Backup fails with error 156. Snapshot error encountered.

Error Message

EXIT STATUS 156: snapshot error encountered


Issue occurs due to stale VxVM assets after deleting RealTime snapshot during snapshot rotation process.


This issue is fixed in: NetBackup 7.0.1 as an EEB (Emergency Engineering Binary) 

Please more information on this issue, please contact Veritas Support and reference one of the following Etracks (ET):

  • ET 2576857 - The bpdgclone when used via CDP FIM was not correctly handling devices having multiple VxDMP paths. This EEB fixes that problem.
  • ET 2278822 - Using vxdmpadm disable/enable commands to remove disk from VxVM context. This will not require the VxVM daemons vxesd and vxattachd to be disabled on application host machines.

Alternatively, this issue is fixed in: NetBackup

As future maintenance packs and release updates are released, please visit the following link for download and readme information:

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