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NEW - Unlike previous versions, Backup Exec 2012 now utilizes the Veritas Enterprise Licensing System (ELS).


Upon the release of Backup Exec™ 2012, the Veritas Enterprise Licensing System (ELS) will be used to license the product. Specifically, ELS uses Veritas License Files (SLF) for product activation and maintenance contract expiration reminders within Backup Exec.

Obtaining Your License File


For a new purchase

  • The email confirmation of a new purchase will contain your license certificate with ELS serial numbers. The SLF will also be attached to this email.
  • The SLF is available on the Veritas License Portal upon registration ( You should save the file to a location that can be accessed during the Backup Exec installation.
  • If you have a voucher provided by a Veritas partner, go to the Veritas License Portal and select “Redeem My Voucher”.
  • If you purchased a boxed product a serial number certificate is included. Please follow the instructions on the certificate to register your product.


For version upgrades (Existing customers with an active maintenance contract)

  • The SLF will be included as an attachment to the e-mail that contains your version upgrade notification upon release of a new version.
  • ELS Serial numbers are included on the version upgrade notification letter.


Installing Your License Files

When you run the Backup Exec installation wizard, you are prompted to enter licensing information. You can import a Veritas License File, type serial numbers, or install a 60-day trial version. If you do not enter licensing information within 60 days of installation, then the product will stop working. You can activate the product at any time after the initial 60 days have elapsed.


To import a Veritas License File (SLF):

  1. From the “Add Licenses” screen, click Import From File.
  2. Browse to the location where to you saved the .slf file.
  3. Select the SLF.
  4. Click Open.


To enter serial numbers (requires an Internet connection):

Note: This activity uses port 443. In order to successfully register Serial Numbers over the web make sure inbound connections on port 443 are not blocked.

  1. From the “Add Licenses” screen, enter the serial numbers that are listed on your license certificate.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click Next to submit the serial numbers for verification.


Important Notes:

  • Backup Exec 2012 will not accept license keys for prior versions.
  • Prior versions of Backup Exec will not accept Backup Exec 2012 SLFs for product activation.
  • Backup Exec 2012 can be evaluated for 60 days without a serial number or a license file. SLF filenames can be renamed for ease of identifying the contents. The SLF contents should never be edited because the file will be invalidated.



  • ELS – Enterprise Licensing System.
  • SLF – Veritas License File. The file extension for the license files.
  • IPL – In-Product Licensing. A Web service where you submit serial numbers and receive the SLF file. It could be an SLF file describing a maintenance contract or product license. Requires Internet access.
  • License Keys – The numbers that were used for licensing Backup Exec 2010 and previous versions.
  • Serial Number – The number that is used for the Enterprise Licensing System in Backup Exec 2012. The format for a serial number is a letter followed by 10 numbers. For example, M0123456789.


Helpful Links:
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