Is there a drive size limitation with Symantec System Recovery (SSR) or Veritas System Recovery (VSR)?


Attempting to create a backup through an installed instance of Symantec System Recovery (SSR)/Veritas System Recovery (VSR) or, depending upon the product version, through the System Recovery Disk (SRD) will fail on either enumerating the client's drives or at 1% during a backup attempt by hanging if one or more of the drives are greater than sixteen terabytes (i.e. 16TB) in capacity.

Removing any drive(s) greater than 16 TB allows any remaining drives less than 16 TB to enumerate and backup successfully. Partitioning the > 16TB drive into partitions less than 16TB prior does not resolve this issue.


Support for drives larger than 16TB has been added in SP1 for Veritas System Recovery 16.

For more details, refer to the Release Notes for SP1:

NOTE: Earlier versions of VSR/SSR do not support drives of 16TB.

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