Licensing errors continue to appear, even after running "vxkeyless set NONE."

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Messages continue to indicate that keyless licensing is enabled, even after runnining "vxkeyless set NONE." WARNING V-365-1-1 may also be reported.



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This behavior occurs if /etc/vx/licenses/lic/.keyless.diff is missing. This file is required to record changes to the vxkeyless mode.

Follow these steps to work around this issue, :

1. Back up the contents of /etc/vx/licenses/lic/. A procedure for this can be found here:

2. Delete the *.vxlic files that are stored under /etc/vx/licenses/lic/.

3. Use vxlicinst to add the permanent keys. An example of using vxlicinst can be found here:

4. Reinitialize the licenses. A procedure for this can be found here:

Note: /etc/vx/licenses/lic/.keyless.diff can be recreated, if needed, by re-enabling keyless mode.




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