Backup of a Sharepoint resource fails with error code "0xe000ff14".


Sharepoint backups fail as the Remote Agent crashes on the Sharepoint Server.

Error Message

Job log shows the following error:

Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe000ff14 - A communications failure has occurred with a Sharepoint resource.
Final error category: Resource Errors V-79-57344-65300 - The Sharepoint resource is not responding. Backup set cancelled.


The Event Viewer shows that the Remote Agent crashes due to a VSS failure and the following event is recorded:

Log Name    :      Application
Source         :      VSS
Event ID       :     12292
Level            :      Error
Description   :
Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Error creating the Shadow Copy Provider COM class with CLSID {65ee1dba-8ff4-4a58-ac1c-3470ee2f376a} [0x80080005] Operation:
   Obtain a callable interface for this provider
   Obtaining provider management interface Context:
   Provider ID: {b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5}
   Class ID: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
   Snapshot Context: -1
   Provider ID: {b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5}


During snapshot processing in a backup job, the Remote Agent crashes on the Sharepoint Server.

Remote Agent crashes with an unknown faulting module.

This issue can also be caused due to a conflict with a non Microsoft VSS provider other than Backup Exec's VSS provider. For Example: Acronis.


Make sure the Remote agent is updated.

This issue can occur if the ServiceDll registry value for Swprv is missing or incorrect. Follow the microsoft article:

Disable any non Microsoft VSS providers that are in use other than the Backup Exec VSS provider.



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