Troubleshooting and monitoring index tasks

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Troubleshooting and monitoring index tasks


  • After creating an indexing task the Monitor Indexing Tasks option can be used to view the current state of each Indexing task, one method to access this monitoring window is to select the Indexing node in the left hand portion of the Vault Administration Console.

Indexing node select showing Monitor Indexing Tasks button

  • Upon using the Monitor Indexing Tasks button a window of the same name will be opened which displays the current, and some recent completed, Indexing Tasks:

Monitor Indexing Tasks window shows three Indexing tasks

  • In the example above, there are three Indexing tasks first a completed Index Upgrade task which contained 2 Successful Indexing sub tasks, second an Index Rebuild task with 3 pending sub tasks, and finally a Verify task with 3 pending sub tasks.  Upon clicking on one of these tasks, such as the Index Upgrade, will then list the sub tasks:

The Upgrade Index sub task list

  • More details can be shown about a particular sub task by either right-clicking or left-clicking.  If a sub task is right-clicked various options are shown:

Right-Click Menu

  • A sub task that is left-clicked will show the Details and provide the options to open or save its report file:

Subtask Details Pane

  • Each of these sub tasks utilize the SQL database to create a report of their progress, the report starts with archive or index volume details such as the archive name, archive ID, and whether the volume is 32 or 64 bit.
  • As the sub-task is processed the progress is written to the report, each entry will have a timestamp in local time and a brief description of what the task is currently performing.  In addition any errors encountered will be logged as well.   At the end of the report, a summary of the work completed and an indication of whether any errors were encountered.

An example upgrade report is pictured here:

An Index Upgrade report file

  • The progress of an indexing task and the information logged in the report varies depending on the task type. For details on each type of indexing task, refer to the related articles.

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