Synchronizing an index

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You want to troubleshoot or monitor an index synchronization task.


The Synchronize wizard lets you synchronize index volumes and fixes some known issues.


During Synchronization, Indexing will attempt to re-index any items that have previously failed to be indexed. For 64-bit volumes, Synchronization also removes orphaned entries for items that do not exist in the archive.


When Synchronization has fixed known issues, it then initiates an internal synchronization to ensure the index volumes are up to date.


To troubleshoot or monitor the progress of a running Synchronize, use Dtrace to monitor the following processes:


  • EVIndexAdminService.exe
  • EVIndexVolumesProcessor.exe (for 64-bit volumes)
  • IndexBroker.exe (for 32-bit volumes)
  • IndexServer.exe (for 32-bit volumes)
  • StorageCrawler.exe


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