vxdg rmdisk errors with ERROR V-5-1-553 Disk DM_name is used by one or more subdisks

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For LUNs that are thin capable - and in use in subdisks but not yet thin reclaimed
The disks should also be removed from the diskgroup with previous
# vxdg -g DG_name -k rmdisk DM_name
and then all the corresponding plex and subdisk objects associated with that DM_name are also removed with vxedit command

Error Message

VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-553 Disk DM_name is used by one or more subdisks


Procedure TECH130893 not correctly followed.


Provision a thin capable lun and make sure visible to VxVM

# vxdisk set DA_name thin=reclaim

# vxdg -g DG_name -k adddisk DM_name=DA_name

# vxdisk reclaim DA_name

At the vxdisk reclaim command - one of the following errors will be output - they can be ignored.

V-5-1-462 Cannot get records form vxconfigd: Invalid data in request

Disk DM_name: Skipped. No VxFS file system found.

# vxprint -g DG_name -lz | grep DM_name          check no subdisk records exist

# vxdg -g DG_name rmdisk DM_name

Repeat for all other removed LUNs.

Applies To

Any thin provisioned system where :vxdg -k rmdisk" - seen in following vxprint

# vxprint -g DG_name -lz | grep DM_name           will have DM record as well as a subdisk

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