How to setup LiveUpdate for NetBackup 7 using IIS to host the files.

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How to setup LiveUpdate for NetBackup 7 using IIS (Information Internet Server) to host the files.


1. Ensure that your Master/Media server is equal to or higher than the version to which you are updating the clients. 

  •     Master and Media servers should be updated manually.
  •     Only clients should be updated using LiveUpdate.

2. Download the NetBackup LiveUpdate files from:

  •     Please note that the links for downloading the files are located near the bottom of the page.
  •     LiveUpdate files are prefixed with NBLU
  •     For Windows platforms download only the updates you need for your architectures:  x86, x64, or IA64.
  •     For Unix platforms you will need to download all three files.

3. Unzip these files into a directory on the Web Server.

  •     Windows and Unix files can all be extracted into the same directory
  •     Allow duplicate files to be overwritten

4. Configure IIS.

    A. Create directory for LiveUpdate patches (mkdir e:\LiveUpdate)
    B. Configure IIS (Add Virtual Directory to Default Web Site)

        1. Right-click Default Web Site
        2. Select New
        3. Select Virtual Directory..
        4. Select Next on Welcome to the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard
        5. Enter LiveUpdate for Alias on Virtual Directory Alias dialog box
        6. Enter directory name from step1 (e:\LiveUpdate) for Path on Web Site Content Directory dialog box
        7. Enable Read and Browse permissions on Virtual Directory Access Permissions dialog box

    C. Add a .flg MIME type to the IIS web server

5. Create a LiveUpdate Policy

  • In the policy, specify the path to the LiveUpdate directory:
  • Add clients to the LiveUpdate policy

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