To change the ephemeral port range for PBX exchange client

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The internal business application of this Customer has been used a port range at belower 50,000. And Those ports have conflict with our randomly used port of vxpal and vxsvc. Customer asked Symantec to change our randomly used port of that.

Error Message

For instance, You can refer the output of TCP port of the lsof command.

The list of the vxpal:

[/opt/VRTSobc/pal33/bin]# lsof -i TCP |grep vxpal

vxpal 802980 root 14u IPv4 0xf1000600025d0398 0t390 TCP loopback:51239->loopback:50798 (ESTABLISHED)


These are ephemeral ports assigned by the OS. Thus, We can adjust those port range at either the system level or PBX exchange client level.


To change the ephemeral port range for PBX exchange client (vxpal/vxsvc are pbx_exchange clients), you can set a registry key specifying the client port range in 5.0MP3 and above.

For vxsvc, add the registry key in the file /etc/vx/isis/Registry \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Veritas\VxSvc\CurrentVersion\Network\Params\Security with the following:

- type = REG_SZ


- value in the form X-Y, where X and Y are numeric values and Y > X. For instance, 50000-65535.

For example,

[REG_SZ] "CLIENT_PORT_RANGE" = 50001-65536;

The following services should be stopped and started.


Applies To

SFCFS 5.0 MP3 for AIX 5.3

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