Media server clustering in NetBackup 7.x

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New installations of media servers and SAN media servers in clusters using NetBackup 7.x do not use the NetBackup clustering agent.


In NetBackup 6.x there are two ways to cluster a media server or SAN media server, in an active/passive mode (where only one node of the cluster is active as a media server at any time) using the clustering agent supplied with NetBackup and in an active/active mode (where all nodes of the cluster are active as media servers at all times).

With the introduction of NetBackup 7.x media servers are no longer clustered in active/passive mode using the NetBackup clustering agent.  New installations of media servers, including SAN media servers, are only clustered using an application cluster construct as described in the NetBackup High Availability Guide (TECH135531).  This approach ensures that all the media servers are active at all times, providing both active/passive and active/active support.  The advantages of active/active support for media servers in a cluster are that  allows load balancing across member nodes of the cluster and the protection of multiple applications on a single cluster. 

New installations of media servers and SAN media servers using NetBackup 7.x do not give the option for clustering using the NetBackup clustering agent, however existing configurations upgraded for NetBackup 6.x will continue to operate with the clustering agent in active/passive mode.

Master servers and combined master/media servers continue to use the NetBackup clustering agents and may only be configured in active/passive cluster configurations.

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