Virtual Tape Library Unlimited Drive Option (VUDO) may cause Library Expansion Option (LEO) license violation

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Virtual Tape Library Unlimited Drive Option (VUDO) may cause Library Expansion Option (LEO) license violation.


Error Message

Event ID: 58053
Library Expansion Option Violation.
This server is licensed to support 0 tape drive in robotic libraries. However, the number of tape drives currently in use exceeds the license. You must purchase additional Library Expansion Options, or disable 1 tape drive. Please refer to product documentation for more information.



Almost all VTL devices have a VTL mode and one or more hardware emulation modes.  The device reports a SCSI inquiry string into Backup Exec, however, depending on the settings of the device and whether emulation or VTL modes are used, the device can be configured to report the inquiry string of a physical library (RTL) and if this results in the SCSI inquiry string not agreeing with that documented in the VTL section of the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL), the error mentioned above is reported.




  1. Use the content of the to check the SCSI Inquiry strings in the ADAMM.LOG located on the Backup Exec Server (read the ADAMM.LOG from the bottom to find the most current entries)
  2. Compare the SCSI Inquiry Strings found in the ADAMM.LOG file to make sure they match with  those listed in the VTL section of the Backup Exec Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). If the strings do not match what is supported for VTL compatibility then the VTL has been configured in Hardware Emulation mode such that the strings match that of a physical Robotic Tape Libary (RTL).
  3. Review documentation of the hardware vendor and/or contact their support team to change the mode of operation to VTL instead of one of the Emulation modes.
  4. Open Backup Exec Console.
  5. Go to Devices tab.
  6. Make the device offline and delete the device(s) representing the library .
  7. Reboot the Backup Exec Server
  8. The Library should now be detected as a VTL (and another review of the ADAMM.LOG file should now show supported VTL inquiry strings)



Applies To

This issue was reported with HP StorageWorks VTL, but can apply to any make and model of VTL.


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