Are Backup Exec network ports configured correctly?

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Are Backup Exec network ports configured correctly?


This report uses the following defaults for the following items each port and process used by Symantec Backup Exec:

  • Port
  • Protocol
  • Network Service Name
  • Expected Process
  • Default Path to Process

The following tests are performed with the default items listed above.

  •  Has Network Service Name been mapped to a different port?
    • Looks up  the Network Service Name's port and protocol to determine if it has been changed from its default value in the following system file:
      • %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\Etc\Services
      • Example:
        • Network Service Name: NDMP
        • Default Port/Protocol: 10000/TCP
        • New Port/Protocol: 12000/TCP
  • Is port and protocol ready for connection?
    • Checks list of open ports to determine if the port and protocol are open and ready for connection.
      • Example:
        • Port: 10000
        • Protocol: TCP
  • Does the correct process have the correct port and protocol open? (only available on Windows 2003 or later)
    • Checks open ports to determine if the correct process has that port open.
      • Example:
        • Application: C:\Program Files\MyApplication\MyFile.exe
        • Port: 10000
        • Protocol: TCP

For additional information about Symantec Backup Exec communication ports, refer to the link under Related Articles.


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