Event ID: 6284 is generated when trying to delete archived email via Enterprise Vault Browser search

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Event ID: 6284 is generated when trying to delete archived email from an archive that was successfully moved and is now closed via Enterprise Vault Browser search

Error Message

Event ID: 6284
Task Category: Web Application (WP)
Description: Error deleting item on "10SP3.initech.local"
Reason: Access denied      (0xc0041801)
See Dtrace excerpt below of processes StorageOnlineOpns:
EV:M CStoreAccessor::CheckContainerStatii (Exit) |Access denied      [0xc0041801] |


Archived Items cannot be deleted from a closed archive, however you can delete an archive, provided that the Administration Console shows a
status of Available or Closed.


■ There is no undo when you delete an archive, and you cannot stop the deletion

■ Be careful about deleting an archive that still has an associated mailbox. There will be many errors from the Exchange Mailbox task when it tries to archive
to a deleted archive. Make a note of those users who have access to the archive and then get them to change their archiving settings, so that they do not try
to archive to the archive you are about to delete. Use the Permissions tab on the archive's property page to find out who has access to the archive.

To delete an archive:

1: In the Administration Console, with the archive displayed in the listing, press F5 to refresh the view. This shows you the archive's current status.

2: Right-click the archive that you want to delete and, on the shortcut menu, click Delete.

3: When prompted, confirm that you do want to delete the archive. The archive's status changes to Marked for deletion. You can no longer view
the properties of the archive and shortcuts to items within the archive no longer work.


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