GENERAL ERROR: There are garbled characters in reports and NetBackup Catalog Recovery Wizard after installing French language pack.

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Steps to reproduce the issue in reports :

  1. Log in admin console
  2. Go to node "NetBackup Management"->"reports"->"Tape Reports"->"Tape Logs"
  3. Run reports, garbled characters comes out. (The character "é" is garbled with character  "Ú")

Please note: Garbled characters also stays in "Tape summary" reports, "Disk Logs"reports, "problems" reports, "All log Entries" reports and "Media logs" reports.

 Steps to reproduce the issue in "NetBackup Catalog Recovery Wizard" :

  1. Log in admin console
  2. Go to the root node on the left pane.
  3. Select Recover Catalog on the right pane.
  4. Follow NetBackup Catalog Recovery Wizard. The message, such as "All media resources were located" in French, will be garbled in Action Window on the Retrieving Disaster Recovery File page.

The screenshots are following:

Error Message


NetBackup Catalog Recovery Wizard


In this case, the NetBackup Report actually started a separate process to run “bperror” command to get the report content. On native French Windows system, the OEMCP is set to 850. When system start a command line process, the default codepage will be 850. We translate French Message file with windows CP1252 encoding. The character (0xE9) is "é" in CP1252, however, it is "Ú" in CP850. It seems that the character was converted from command line codepage to Unicode. Therefore, (0xE9) was taken as "Ú" in CP850, and converted to Unicode character "Ú" (0x00DA) , then finally get displayed on Windows GUI.


Change the OEMCP of French Windows from 850 to 1252. 

  1. Open “regedit”
  2. Go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nls\CodePage]
  3. Change the "OEMCP" value to "1252" 
  4. Reboot the system.

Please Note:

Sometimes, after system is changed, when we run "bperror" from command prompt directly, we might see the output from command line display "Ú", this is because the font used for command prompt doesn't support CP1252. We can change the default console font to "Lucida console" or other fonts that support CP1252 to solve the problem. To change the console font , click upper left corner of command prompt, select"properties", then select "Font" tab. Change the OEMCP settings will effect some old dos application that use code page CP850.

Applies To

  • Operation System

Microsoft Windows (All versions)

  • OS System locale

All French system locales: French(Beljium), French(Canada), French(France), French(Luxembourg), French(Monaco) and French(Switzerland)

  • Product

Symantec NetBackup with French Language Pack (All releases)

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