V-365-1-1:getting vxvm error. says license not installed.

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After installing Storage Foundation Basic / Storage Foundation / Storage Foundation High Availabillity 5.1 with keyless license enabled errors in the system logs were noted complaining about the keyless license.

Error Message

Apr 26 10:45:43 db4 vxvm:vxconfigd: WARNING V-365-1-1 This host is not entitled to run Veritas Storage Foundation/Veritas Cluster Server. As set forth in the End User License Agreement (EULA) you must complete one of the two options set forth below. To comply with this condition of the EULA and stop logging of this message, you have 16 days to either: - make this host managed by a Management Server (see  http://go.symantec.com/sfhakeyless for details and free download), or - add a valid license key matching the functionality in use on this host using the command 'vxlicinst' and validate using the command 'vxkeyless set NONE'.


There are three ways to resolve this issue.   The first two options can also be used for the other Storage Foundation products ( i.e., SFHA, SFCFS, etc..) to stop the 'nagware' errors in the system message logs.
1.) Make this host managed by a Management Server (see https://go.Veritas.com/sfhakeyless for details and free download).
- Go to the web-site above, and where it states "Clicking here" - click on that.  
-  The next page is the Terms and Conditions page, click 'I agree'
- The next page to appear is the download site.  "DOWNLOAD NOW"  for  "Storage Foundation Manager 2.1 Central Server" the platform to be installed. 
-  After getting the download on the system, gunzip the file, and run it:
# ./Veritas_Storage_Foundation_Manager_CMS_2.1_Linux.bin
or for Solaris:
# ./Veritas_Storage_Foundation_Manager_CMS_2.1_SolSparc.bin
- At the end of running the above command, a URL will be presented on the screen.   Copy that and paste it into a browser and hit return.
- Answer the prompts for logging in and connecting to the system, the configuration is automatic after you click 'OK'.  
2.) Add a valid license key matching the functionality in use on the host using the command 'vxlicinst' and validate using the command 'vxkeyless set NONE' 
Note: Storage Foundation Basic license keys cannot be purchased.  So this option is not valid for SF Basic 5.1, but can be useful for the other SF 5.1 products.
# vxlicinst -k <key>
# vxkeyless set NONE
Note:  SFHA or SFCFS also will require the stopping and restarting of CmdServer:
First find the CmdServer processes on the cluster nodes:
# ps -ef | grep CmdServer
Next kill the CmdServer processes on the cluster nodes :
# kill -9 <pid>
Now start CmdServer on the cluster nodes:
# /opt/VRTSvcs/binCmdServer
3.) In the installation software, under the storage_foundation_basic directory, there is a .key file.
In the .key file is a valid license key. Perform 'cat .key' to see the key.
For Options 2 or 3, these are the steps to install and validate the key:
# ./vxkeyless set NONE
# vxdctl license
For Storage Foundation Basic, find .key in storage foundation basic installation software. Then 'cat .key' .
Use this key for installing the license key:
# ./vxlicinst -k {License Key goes here}
# ./vxlicinst -k IEZE-TK4W-K3VV-XPPH-N6CP-CVDP-P8P
Then do the validation check:
# vxdctl license


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