VMware or Hyper-V Agent backups complete with exception while backing up application servers with SQL or Exchange installed


VMware or Hyper-V Agent backups complete with exception while backing up application servers with SQL or Exchange installed. 


Error Message

"Backup Exec failed to snap virtual machine 'VIRTUAL MACHINE' and was unable to collect the necessary metadata to restore individual application items. You cannot perform GRT-enabled restores of application data from this backup."



This will occur if application Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) is enabled, and the individual applications are not in a state where they can respond to the VSS request.  

1. Ensure that the application services are started for Microsoft SQL Server and / or Microsoft Exchange Server

2. Check the event logs at the time that the exception occurs to see if the application is erroring out during the backup.

3. Ensure that the application has no offline databases or storage groups for Microsoft SQL or Microsoft Exchange Server.



All the following conditions will need to be remedied before the GRT process will be able to collect the necessary meta data to restore individual application items.

1. If the application services are stopped they will need to be started.

2. If the application services  fails to start then the errors will need to be resolved.

3. Bring offline resources back online. 


Note: If Application GRT is not needed for the backup of the virtual machine listed in the error message, Application GRT can be disabled in the VMware or Hyper-V section of the backup job properties. 


If everything seems to be in order and the error continues, the following steps can be performed:

1. Reboot the virtual machine and then retry the backup.

2. Make sure that the Backup Exec server has been fully patched by running LiveUpdate.

3. Make sure that the Remote Agent on the virtual machine is at the latest version by push installing it from the Backup Exec server, especially if any updates were installed as suggested in step #2, and/or uninstall and then reinstall the Remote Agent and reboot.

4. Perform a RAWS backup of the machine through Windows selections to see if it succeeds or also fails on the SQL or Exchange data. Resolve any failure with the RAWS backup and then try again to back up through the virtual agent.





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