How to stop/start and to check the status of the vxdbd daemon

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How to stop/start and to check the status of the vxdbd daemon


The vxdbd daemon handles communication to and from the Storage Foundation product software. By default, vxdbd communicates with product over port number 3233.

Normally the vxdbd daemon starts automatically when the host boots up. However, if the daemon reports errors or if the daemon process dies, you may have to manually start or stop it. There is also a status command that reports the current state of the daemon to confirm that it is currently running.

NOTE: Only the root user can stop vxdbd. Any user can start vxdbd or display its status.

To see the status of the vxdbd daemon, use the 'vxdbdctrl status' command:

# /opt/VRTSdbcom/bin/vxdbdctrl status

If the daemon is running you see the following output:

Status of Veritas vxdbd
/opt/VRTSdbcom/bin/vxdbd ping SUCCESS

To start the vxdbd daemon, use the 'vxdbdctrl start' command:

# /opt/VRTSdbcom/bin/vxdbdctrl start

To stop the vxdbd daemon,  as root, use the 'vxdbdctrl stop' command:

# /opt/VRTSdbcom/bin/vxdbdctrl stop


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