How to redo a NetBackup AIR replication from source to target

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 How to redo a NetBackup AIR replication from source to target

This document is intended to assist with re-doing a replication from source to target in a NetBackup AIR configuration. This is useful in situations where the target's data has been lost. The commands below will identify which backup id's were replicated and write those backup id's to a temporary file (/tmp/bidlist.out). Then, we can take the backup id's from the file and use "nbstlutil redo -backupid <id> -slpindex <index>" to redo the replication operation for that backup id. Since the command only takes 1 backup id at a time, it may be beneficial to script the execution of "nbstlutil redo".

* All of the commands are executed from the Source Master.
1) First we document which images need to be redone:
If there is only 1 replication source and target in the environment, we can use:
  # nbstlutil repllist  | awk '{print $4}' | sort | uniq > /tmp/bidlist.out
If there are several replication sources/targets, we will need to parse the data to find the backup id's we want to replicate back. We can do this by the lifecycle name
  # nbstlutil list -lifecycle <SLP_Name> | awk '{print $4}' | sort | uniq > /tmp/bidlist.out
2) Identify the <index> of the Replication Operation in the SLP
  # nbstl <SLP_name> -L           

Look for the line that says "replication to remote master". Below that line is a line that says "Operation Index". Use this number in the next step for -slpindex.

 Operation  2              Use for: 3 (replication to remote master) <====
                             Storage: Remote Master
                         Volume Pool: (none specified)
                        Server Group: (none specified)
                      Retention Type: 0 (Fixed)
                     Retention Level: 0 (1 week)
               Alternate Read Server: (none specified)
               Preserve Multiplexing: false
      Enable Automatic Remote Import: false
                               State: active
                              Source: Target 1 (backup:STU_MSDP)
                        Operation ID: (none specified)
                     Operation Index: 2 <====


3) Initiate the redo Replication
  # nbstlutil redo -backupid <backupid from /tmp/bidlist.out> -slpindex <index from step 2>
Since there are likely to be many Backup ID's that need to be redone, it may be beneficial to script the above command with a for loop.



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