VMware policy: bpplinfo options and keywords for NBU 7.5

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VMware policy: bpplinfo options and keywords

Table: bpplinfo options describes the options that are available on the bpplinfo command that are not described in the man page. These options are set to default values if not specified.

Table: bpplinfo options



Keyword label in policy GUI


0 disabled, 1 enabled

The Attributes tab > Enable indexing for search


0 enables client deduplication, 1 disables client deduplication

The Attributes tab > Disable client side deduplication


0 disabled, 1 enabled

Clients tab > Select automatically through query



Clients tab > Reuse VM selection query results for


exchange , mssql , sharepoint

truncatelogs=0 disabled, 1 enabled (for Exchange or SQL Server only)

To enable Exchange file recovery:

-ASC_apps_attr exchange:

To enable Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint file recovery:

-ASC_apps_attr exchange:,mssql:,sharepoint:

To enable exchange recovery with truncate logs:

-ASC_apps_attr exchange:;truncatelogs=1

To enable exchange without truncate logs and mssql with truncate logs:

-ASC_apps_attr exchange:,mssql:;truncatelogs=1

To enable exchange with truncate logs and mssql without truncate logs (note the final colon):

-ASC_apps_attr exchange:;truncatelogs=1,mssql:

To enable both exchange and mssql with truncate logs:

-ASC_apps_attr exchange:;truncatelogs=1,mssql:;truncatelogs=1

Enables the file-level recovery of database data.

VMware tab > Application Protection: Enable Exchange Recovery, Enable SQL Server Recovery, or Enable SharePoint Recovery


keyword=value,keyword=value, ...

See Table: Keywords and values for -snapshot_method_args.


Table: Keywords and values for -snapshot_method_args describes the keywords that must be included in -snapshot_method_args.

Table: Keywords and values for -snapshot_method_args



Name of keyword in policy GUI


0 disabled, 1 enabled

VMware tab > Exclude deleted blocks


0 Ignore, 1 Abort, 2 Remove NetBackup

VMware tab > Orphaned snapshot handling


0 Include all disks, 1 Exclude boot disk, 2 Exclude data disks

VMware tab > Advanced > Virtual disk selection


1 disabled, 2 enabled

VMware tab > Enable file recovery from VM backup


0 virtual machine quiesce is enabled, 1 virtual machine quiesce is disabled

VMware tab > Advanced > Virtual machine quiesce


0 VM host name, 1 VM display name, 2 VM BIOS UUID, 3 VM DNS Name, 4 VM instance UUID

VMware tab > Primary VM identifier


0 disabled, 1 enabled

VMware tab > Exclude swap and paging files


0 disabled, 1 enabled

VMware tab > Advanced -> Ignore diskless VMs


0 No Events, 1 All Events, 2 Error Events

VMware tab > Advanced > Post events to vCenter


san, hotadd, nbd, or nbdssl

If more than one, separate each with a colon. Order of modes indicates priority.



This example selects these two modes and tries nbd first.

VMware tab > Transport modes


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