How to make Oracle VM LDOMs (Logical domain guests) highly available and high performance

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     The guest LDOM should have both paths exported to it for load balancing between paths.They need to be exported from the physical paths in the control / IO domains to allow for PGR fencing access to all paths to LUNs presented. To allow for repair or replacement operations (Dynamic Reconfiguration) there should be two IO domains present and used to allow shutdown of a IO domain requiring service.

     In simple configurations, A single path to a guest OS running the complete SFHA stack and a single control / IO domain may function however there will be errors if DMP is used in the control / IO domain. Setting the IO policy to "Single-Active" will usually clear up the messages however this is not a recommended configuration for High availability. Using DMP in the control / IO domain will not provide load balancing. Path failover will function, but the guest OS LDOM can only see the one path to a LUN and not the two (or more) paths presented to the control / IO domain.

Currently, all virtual disks in the guest are under the same virtual controller c0. All disks fall under the c0 controller, even if they are exported using different physical paths in the backend and coming from different HBAs.

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