How to change the location of the temporary files created by the CCStorage ASA Database on a Windows MS

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The Command Central Storage ASA Database  creates multiple temporary files during the normal running and scheduled maintenance of the DB. The files are created in configurable location defined by the environment variable ASTMP. If this variable is not set, then the DB uses the default temporary location set for Windows by the variable TMP/TEMP.

It is recommended that the ASTMP environment variable is set to prevent the risk of filling up the system drive and also to ensure plenty of space for the ASA DB. If the temporary files fill up the available space, then the DB will crash.

To set the ASTMP variable on Windows:

Stop the ASA DB  Service from the Windows Service Control Manager (SCM)

Ensure the new location/folder for the Temp files exists.

Set the new Environmental setting:
==> "Control Panel" ==> "System" ==> "Advanced" ==> "Environment Variables" and under “System variables”  use the “New” button to add the variable:

Name :   ASTMP

Variable value : <any existing drive or path>

Start the DB again

You can check that the New Temporary location has been picked up by opening a CMD window and using the command :

c:\  set a

ALLUSERSPROFILE=C:\Documents and Settings\

APPDATA=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.WHA\Application Data


 And check it is being used by checking it for the creation temp files


 Volume in drive C has no label.

 Volume Serial Number is 6086-391A


 Directory of C:\Temp\ASA


01/11/2012  12:17 PM    <DIR>          .

01/11/2012  12:17 PM    <DIR>          ..

01/11/2012  12:17 PM           274,432 asat0000.tmp

01/12/2012  07:03 AM    21,038,092,288 asat0001.tmp


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