How to monitor CPU / memory usage for RALUS (beremote)

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The top utility can be used to troubleshoot throughput and memory issues with the Remote Agent for Linux and Unix Servers (RALUS).  The utility shows cpu and memory utilization on the system as a whole, and for the beremote process in particular.

Begin by finding the process id (PID) for beremote as follows:
ps -ef | grep beremote
will output something like this:
root      7588 28034 0 Jun22 pts/1   00:00:19 ./beremote
root    30996 9839  0 Jun22 pts/1    00:00:00 grep beremote
Take the PID for beremote (the third column of the line with beremote in it) and pass it to top from a command prompt:
top -p 28034 -b | tee toplog.txt
The "tee" parameter sends output to the console as well as to toplog.txt.

The output from top can then be used to see if RALUS is failing to free memory after an operation completes, or if the operation is limited by the CPU performance.

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