How to determine the missing content reason for items using the SQL database

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When an index volume is rebuilt or upgraded, the subtask report may report that some items contain missing content. This is summary information, but the reasons for the missing content are not displayed. The Vault Store database ItemAdditionStatusLog table will contain an entry for each item that has missing content and the ‘ErrorNumber’ column will contain the reason for the missing content:

0. No reason available
2. Content attribute value could not be obtained
3. Content is corrupt
4. It is not possible to convert content to a suitable format
5. Conversion of content failed
6. Conversion of content timed out
9. Content is encrypted
10. Content requires conversion, but the converters are not available
12. Converters did not recognise the file type
13. Conversion is excluded for large files
14. Conversion is excluded for codepages that we cannot detect

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