Tapes being deassigned prematurely after having upgraded to 10.2 or

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Last Published: 2023-09-18
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Tapes were being deassigned prematurely after having upgraded to 10.2 or Tape media that have been deassigned would allow them to be moved into a configured Scratch Pool allowing any unexpired images on those tapes to be overwritten. This will happen to only tape media IDs containing five characters or fewer.

Versions Affected:

NetBackup 10.2

The problem can occur under the following conditions:

  1. NetBackup Primary and/or media servers running backups or duplications to tape media.
  2. Tape media have media IDs with 5 characters or fewer.  For example, TAP01, TAP1,TP1
  3. Primary server is upgraded to 10.2 or

Action Required:

Install EEB onto Primary Server based on NetBackup version installed.

For NetBackup 10.2 install:

NetBackup 10.2 Hotfix - Tapes being deassigned prematurely after upgrading to 10.2 (Etrack 4132888)


For NetBackup install:

NetBackup Hotfix - Tapes being deassigned prematurely after upgrading to (Etrack 4131729)


Once EEB is installed, run the nbcc tool on the primary server and contact NetBackup Technical Support to have the nbcc output analyzed.  If Support determines that there are tape media affected, then they can provide an SRA script to be used with nbccr to reassign any prematurely unassigned tapes in the Primary Server's EMM database.


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