Veritas Appliance Hardware Get Started Documents

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Last Published: 2022-07-27
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Veritas Appliance hardware Get Started Documents

NetBackup Appliance and NetBackup Flex 5250

NetBackup Appliance and NetBackup Flex 5350

NetBackup Flex 5150 

NetBackup Flex 5260 

NetBackup Flex 5360 

NetBackup Flex Scale 5551 

NetBackup Flex Scale 5561 

Veritas Access Appliance 3350

Veritas Access Appliance 3360

Like many companies during the pandemic, Veritas has experienced supply chain challenges.  To alleviate some of the supply constraints, we have executed on a second source strategy for certain components in the manufacturing of our Appliances.  Execution of this strategy strikes a balance between time to market and user experience.  The result of those trade-offs will require customers with new 5250’s shipping after May 25th, 2022, with the new D-Series storage expansion shelf, to install a Hotfix after configuration of their 5250.  This Hotfix is required to suppress a false SAS cable connection alert.  The Hotfix can be found on the Veritas Download Center at

Implementation of the second source strategy also introduced a new limitation to our NetBackup Appliances.  Previously, the 5250 was released with NBA version 3.2.  Customers have been able to reimage the NetBackup Appliances back to versions 3.2,, 4.0, 4.1 or leverage the current version 5.0.  Unfortunately, some of the new components require firmware and/or driver compatibility not supported by the second source vendor.  Due to this limitation, NetBackup Appliances shipping after May 25th, 2022 will only be supported on NBA versions 4.0, 4.1 or 5.0.  

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