NetBackup server install fails on btrfs even when /usr/openv is a symbolic link to non-btrfs

NetBackup server install fails on btrfs even when /usr/openv is a symbolic link to non-btrfs

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Last Published: 2022-06-09
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NetBackup 9.1 - 10.0 server installs fail when /usr is a btrfs file system, even if /usr/openv has already been created as a symbolic link to a non-btrfs file system.

As per the NetBackup Software Compatibility Guide, the primary server on a btrfs filesystem is supported when the installation path (/usr/openv) is redirected from a btrfs to any supported filesystem (e.g. xfs)

# pwd
# ls -lrt | grep openv
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root    11 Apr  1 05:38 openv -> /opt/openv

# cd /usr/openv
# realpath .

# df -T /usr/openv
Filesystem              Type   1K-blocks Used    Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/system-root btrfs  45805568  7860248 37714776  18%  /

# df -T /opt/openv
Filesystem  Type  1K-blocks    Used     Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1   xfs   89632525    49297898  40334627  45%  /opt

Error Message

The installation is failing with error

ERROR: Aborting installation as the installation directory is on btrfs
filesystem and NetBackup master server does not support btrfs



Installation script fails to identify the redirected file system in the scenario where /usr is a btrfs file system.



An Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) is available to allow installation to proceed successfully.

  • The binary exists for the following versions of NetBackup:

    • Netbackup

Please follow these instruction to install the EEB.

  1. Contact NetBackup Technical Support to obtain this fix.Download the fix and upload it at the master server.Copy the EEB at some temporary location and change the permission

    chmod +x eebinstaller_4070469_1_linuxS_x86

  1. Before your run the eebinstaller, create this directory structure relative to the directory where the EEB will be extracted.  Notice this pathname is relative to the current working directory, and is not an absolute pathname. 

    mkdir -p netbackup/bin/goodies 

  1. Run the installer with the 'extractonly' option

   ./eebinstaller_4070469_1_linuxS_x86 -extractonly

  NB.inst file will be extracted into the netbackup/bin/goodies folder.

  1. After the extraction, locate the original installation script for NB_9.1.0.1 wherever the pending install software has been installed:  <staging_directory>/linuxS_x86/catalog/anb/NB.inst file.
  2. Make a note of the ownership and modes on the original file.
  3. Save/rename/move the original NB.inst file to a safe location.
  4. Put/copy the extracted NB.inst file from this EEB into the original location.
  5. Set the ownership and mode on the copied file to match the original file.

    chmod 555 NB.inst

  1. Run the NB_9.1.0.1 installer with the updated NB.inst file.

Please contact Veritas Technical Support to obtain this fix. Please note that Veritas Technologies LLC reserves the right to remove any fix from the targeted release if it does not pass quality assurance tests. Veritas’ plans are subject to change and any action taken by you based on the above information or your reliance upon the above information is made at your own risk.

Please contact your Veritas Sales representative or the Veritas Sales group for upgrade information including upgrade eligibility to the release containing the resolution for this issue.


Etrack : 4070469

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