How to resolve inconsistencies with Client names in OpsCenter reports

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Last Published: 2022-10-11
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For those who have previously deployed EEBs for OpsCenter versions to, to resolve inconsistencies with Client names in OpsCenter reports, it is strongly recommended to follow these additional steps below.

For more information on some of these steps, please sections referenced from the Veritas NetBackup™ OpsCenter Administrator's Guide.

  1. Take a backup of the OpsCenter database. — (Backing up the OpsCenter database)

  2. From the OpsCenter UI, Disable...

  3. Disable database events using "call DBA.eventEnableDisable(0)" using loadsql.bat, or SQL Anywhere client.

    • Example, Windows: install_path\OpsCenter\server\bin\loadsql.bat "call DBA.eventEnableDisable(0);"

    • Example, UNIX/Linux: install_path/SYMCOpsCenterServer/bin/ "call DBA.eventEnableDisable(0);"

  4. Restart OpsCenter Services. — (Commands to control OpsCenter services and processes)

  5. Execute "CALL DBA.cleanAmbiguousClients83()" using Sybase Central, SQL Anywhere client, dbisqlc, or loadsql.bat.

    • Example, Windows: install_path\OpsCenter\server\bin\loadsql.bat "call DBA.cleanAmbiguousClients83();"

    • Example, UNIX/Linux: install_path/SYMCOpsCenterServer/bin/ "call DBA.cleanAmbiguousClients83();"

  6. Verify there are no duplicate virtual machine (VM) names for the same VM and no Client Names showing the appended time stamp; e.g. name(timestamp).

  7. Restart OpsCenter services. — (Commands to control OpsCenter services and processes)

  8. Enable database events using "call DBA.eventEnableDisable(1)" using loadsql.bat, or SQL Anywhere client.

    • Example, Windowsinstall_path\OpsCenter\server\bin\loadsql.bat "call DBA.eventEnableDisable(1);"

    • Example, UNIX/Linuxinstall_path/SYMCOpsCenterServer/bin/ "call DBA.eventEnableDisable(1);"

  9. From the OpsCenter UI, Enable...

Please make a note of following points

  1. If seeing image data collection performance issue and a very large number of images are pending, then please set flag "nbu.scl.imageCollectionTimeChunk" in the scl.conf file and restart OpsCenter services; e.g. "nbu.scl.imageCollectionTimeChunk=1" means OpsCenter is going to collect images in 1 hour time chunk.

    • Note: The scl.conf file is located in the following directory on Windows and UNIX.
      Windows: install_path\OpsCenter\Server\config
      UNIX/Linux: install_path/SYMCOpsCenterServer/config

  2. After installing the EEB, please run cleanAmbiguousClients83() stored procedure. It is must have to run it. Please disable data collection and events before running it. Restart OpsCenter services once it finish.

  3. Please run cleanAmbiguousClients83() stored procedure again whenever merging of clients is required after it's first run. Usually it takes around 1 to 5 hours depending upon size of the database.

  4. If you see overall data collection very slow or sluggish, then also please execute cleanAmbiguousClients83() stored procedure.

Note: Whenever any NetBackup Virtual Machine client is cloned or any of the VM's attribute changes, like display name, host name, or uuid, etc., then this SQL needs to be ran.

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