Remote Control and Clipboard Sharing in Zoom

Remote Control and Clipboard Sharing in Zoom

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Last Published: 2021-12-08
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Process on how to share a screen and enable the clipboard function in the Zoom client.


Currently, Veritas's preferred remote support tool is the Zoom client.  During the troubleshooting and/or resolution process it may become necessary for a Veritas Technical Support Engineer (TSE) to remotely control a customer system, and to access the clipboard contents of the customer's system.  To assist in this process, the following is made available as a visual guide to setting up Zoom on a system.


To Allow Remote Control on a system

1) The Veritas TSE sends a Zoom meeting invitation via the case
2) The next several steps are typically completed by the customer:
    a. Click the provided link, which prompts to download the Zoom client
    b. Download and install the client

    c. When the Zoom client interface appears, click Share Screen at the bottom of the screen

    d. Select the screen you intend to use as the primary focus of the support session

    e. Conditional: Advise the customer against selecting an application window, rather than a specific monitor

Note: At the top of the screen the customer should then see a small tab indicating the screen is now being shared.  If the customer has an RDP session running this may be hidden.  They can move the RDP tab by dragging, sliding it left or right to reveal the Zoom tab.


To Enable Clipboard Sharing

What the customer needs to do:

1) Hover over the tab at the top of the screen to reveal the session controls


2) To the far right, click the icon labeled Remote Control, then click Share Clipboard. (Advise the customer that the Remote Control option may be hidden under the More button, if necessary) 

As a Veritas TSE you will typically request control of the customer system.  The customer must approve your request for you to proceed.  The following is what the customer will see on their end.

Also note that per Veritas policy, session recordings are required.  The customer will also get a prompt / notice about the recording of the session.

Note:  Zoom is a product of Zoom Video Communications, Inc.  This guide is purely for instructional purposes and was not written or endorsed by Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

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