Backup jobs are failing with status 7641 and 61

Backup jobs are failing with status 7641 and 61

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Last Published: 2020-12-04
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Backup jobs are failing with status 7641 and 61

Error Message

Error in job details:
        Nov  21,  2020  5:19:16  PM  -  Error  bpbrm  (pid=272953)  [PROXY]  Received  status:  7641  with  message  Failed  to  find  a  common  CA  Root  to  complete  secure  handshake:  Connector  CAs(["12f7cd25-ca23-474f-98a8-abcdefghijkl"]),  Acceptor  CAs(["5ge74756-9b9a-47eb-916d-bc5123456789"]).
        Nov  21,  2020  5:19:16  PM  -  Error  bpbrm  (pid=272953)  [PROXY]  Encountered  error  (CERT_PROTOCOL_SELECT_COMMON_CA_ROOT)  while  processing(CertProtocol).
        Nov  21,  2020  5:19:16  PM  -  Error  bpbrm  (pid=272953)  cannot  send  mail  because  BPCD  on  nbuclient  exited  with  status  61:  the  vnetd  proxy  encountered  an  error
        Nov  21,  2020  5:19:16  PM  -  Info  bpbkar  (pid=0)  done.  status:  7641:  Failed  to  find  a  common  CA  Root  for  secure  handshake

Entry for "masterHostId" does not match in /usr/openv/var/vxss/certmapinfo.json file of client and master

        From Master:
         # cat /usr/openv/var/vxss/certmapinfo.json

         type c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\var\vxss\certmapinfo.json

                        "hostID": "12f7cd25-ca23-474f-98a8-abcdefghijkl",
                        "serverName": "",
                        "issuerName": "",
                        "certType": 1,
                        "isServerMaster": 1,
                        "issuedBy": "/CN=broker/",
                        "crlPath": "/usr/openv/var/vxss/crl/3006a182.crl",
                        "securityLevel": 1,
                        "crlNextRefreshTime": 1606084681,
                        "crlLastRefreshTime": 1606070281,
                        "masterHostId": "12f7cd25-ca23-474f-98a8-abcdefghijkl"

        From client:
        root@nbuclient:/usr/openv/netbackup# cat /usr/openv/var/vxss/certmapinfo.json

        type c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\var\vxss\certmapinfo.json
                        "hostID": "1234defe-bcf6-45ac-932b-fdc987654321",
                        "serverName": "",
                        "issuerName": "",
                        "certType": 1,
                        "isServerMaster": 1,
                        "issuedBy": "/CN=broker/",
                        "crlPath": "/usr/openv/var/vxss/crl/3006a182.crl",
                        "securityLevel": 2,
                        "crlNextRefreshTime": 1606108191,
                        "crlLastRefreshTime": 1606079391,
                        "masterHostId": "5ge74756-9b9a-47eb-916d-bc5123456789"


/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/nbcertcmd -getCertificate

c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\bin\nbcertcmd -getCertificate

command is ran on the client machine:
        masterHostId RECEIVED:    5ge74756-9b9a-47eb-916d-bc5123456789
        masterHostId ACTUAL:    12f7cd25-ca23-474f-98a8-abcdefghijkl


Master server is sending the wrong hostID as "masterHostId" in certmapinfo.json file

The incorrect host id (5ge74756-9b9a-47eb-916d-bc5123456789) belongs to 1 client: nbu-client-bad
        nbu-client-bad    nbu-client-bad    8.1.2    RedHat Linux (3.10.0-1127.19.1.el7.x86_64)    5ge74756-9b9a-47eb-916d-bc5123456789    UNIX    x86_64    Yes        GenuineIntel Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2640 v3 @ 2.60GHz, 32 CPUs
It should also be noted that when we do a bptestbpcd to client, it detects client as "NB_MACHINE_TYPE = MASTER_SERVER"

Emm aliases for master server shows that client nbu-client-bad is added as an alias of the master server, "Which is not right"
        nbumaster# /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbemmcmd -machinealias -getaliases -machinename nbumaster -machinetype master

c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\bin\nbemmcmd -machinealias -getaliases -machinename nbumaster -machinetype master

        NBEMMCMD, Version: 8.1.2
        The following aliases were found for the alias: "nbumaster"
        nbu-client-bad        <<<<<<<< This is not right
        Command completed successfully.


Confirm that the nbu-client-bad is not an intended alias of the master server.

1> Delete the incorrect machine alias using below command:
        /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbemmcmd -machinealias -deletealias -alias nbu-client-bad -machinetype master

c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\bin\admincmd\nbemmcmd -machinealias -deletealias -alias nbu-client-bad -machinetype master
2> Stop Netbackup services on master server
        /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies/netbackup stop

               c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\bin\bpdown -f -v
3> Stop Veritas Private Branch Exchange service:
        /opt/VRTSpbx/bin/vxpbx_exchanged stop

        net stop "Veritas Private Branch Exchange"
4> Rename the /usr/openv/var/host_cache directory
        mv /usr/openv/var/host_cache /usr/openv/var/host_cache_old

        cd c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\var

        ren host_cache host_cache_old
5> Start pbx service:
        /opt/VRTSpbx/bin/vxpbx_exchanged start

        net start "Veritas Private Branch Exchange"
6> Start Netbackup services:
        /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies/netbackup start

        c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\bin\bpdown -f -v
7> Log on to a client which is having connectivity issue

8> Delete the existing certificate on "CLIENT MACHINE ONLY"

        /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/nbcertcmd -deleteallcertificates

        c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\bin\nbcertcmd -deleteallcertificates
9> Get a new certificate on client machine:
        /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/nbcertcmd -getCertificate -force
               c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\bin\nbcertcmd  -getCertificate -force       

        If a re-issue token is requested, please create and provide the token with -token switch
10> Check if you got "masterHostId" as "12f7cd25-ca23-474f-98a8-abcdefghijkl" in /usr/openv/var/vxss/certmapinfo.json file

c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\var\vxss\certmapinfo.json


11> Test the connection and backups now.

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