Protect Azure Stack HCI with Backup Exec

Protect Azure Stack HCI with Backup Exec

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Last Published: 2020-11-11
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What is Azure Stack HCI ?

Azure Stack HCI is a Hyper-converged infrastructure cluster solution, delivered as an Azure hybrid service. It allows to run virtualized workloads on-premises with hybrid cloud connections. The solution combines validated hardware from Microsoft OEM partner, Azure Stack HCI operating system, Windows Admin Center and Azure services. Windows Admin Center can be used to create Azure Stack HCI cluster. It also provides an option to stretch the cluster across sites. Azure hybrid services enhance the experience by providing monitoring and management capabilities. Other tools like System Center and PowerShell can also be used to manage the cluster.

Does Backup Exec Protect the VMs on Azure Stack HCI ?

Backup Exec 21.1 provides Day one support to protect the Azure Stack HCI version 20H2. It is as simple as protecting a Hyper-V failover cluster.

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