How to Locate Support Entitlement Information

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Last Published: 2020-09-09
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Veritas Entitlement Management System Access


If you have access to VEMS with Support access or higher, you will automatically be able to open Technical Support cases for products owned by your account(s) that are under active support contracts. Companies may have multiple account numbers, and access must be requested for each account number. 

For information on requesting VEMS access via Self-Service, please see

The full VEMS guide is available at

NOTE: Support only users in VEMS are able to use entitlements to open Technical Support cases and can see Support IDs during case creation in the My Cases section at, but cannot see entitlement information in VEMS. If you have Support access and need to view entitlement information in VEMS such as a Support ID, please contact your VEMS administrator or request access to a higher permission using Self-Service.

Locating Support Entitlement Information

If you do not have VEMS access to the appropriate account and attempt to open a Technical Support case, you may be asked to provide information identifying an active Support Contract. Various pieces of information can be used to identify and entitlement for support validation purposes. Support ID, Entitlement ID, Service Contract Number, Account Number, etc. can be used to identify whether an active support contract exists.

Support Entitlement Information is typically found in VEMS and on License Certificates.


  1. Log into
  2. Click Licensing
  3. Click Entitlements. You can filter the Entitlements page by Product, Service Contract status, etc. 

  1. Click on the Entitlement ID for the appropriate product. The Entitlement Details will be displayed: 


License Certificates


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