InfoScale Security Patch for Access Appliance

InfoScale Security Patch for Access Appliance

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Last Published: 2019-11-06
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Product(s): Appliances


When product is configured in non-secure mode there is a command injection vulnerability in the availability component of Veritas InfoScale that allows an attacker to execute arbitrary commands as root/administrator.


A EEB for this issue is available for the Access Appliance 7.4.2 and version(s) of the product. To obtain this fix please contact Veritas Technical Support and quote either this article ID or E-Track 3985885 to obtain this fix.



1) If factory reset of the appliance is done, then apply this fix after configuration of Access Appliance.


2) If you have applied this fix on Access Appliance version 7.4.2 and wants to upgrade to Access Appliance version, follow below steps:

- Uninstall the EEB (Etrack 3985885) from Access Appliance version 7.4.2

- Upgrade the Access Appliance from version 7.4.2 to

- Install the EEB (Etrack 3985885) again after upgrading the appliance to version


Etrack : 3985885

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