nbcheck reports nbwmc_and_nb_dbsrv_mod_time_match failure during NetBackup upgrade

nbcheck reports nbwmc_and_nb_dbsrv_mod_time_match failure during NetBackup upgrade

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Last Published: 2019-06-28
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At upgrade time, nbcheck ensures that someone has not updated the credentials to access the NetBackup relational database instance without also providing those updated credentials to the web services.  If the credentials are not correct, web services will not be able to respond to certificate requests and other queries after the upgrade.

Error Messages

Several checks are performed, any of which might find a problem.  The unique messages for each step are detailed below. All of the messages will include this common footer.

This test runs when you upgrade the NetBackup master server from 8.0 to a later version.
This test checks for a match between the web services (nbwmc) update time and the NetBackup database
(nbdb) update time. Specifically, it checks the time stamp of the web.conf file and the i_nbdbinfo.dat file.
The times must either match or the web.conf file can have a later update time.
Refer to the following article for more details:

This error indicates that the credentials are missing from one of two expected files.

not ok nbwmc_and_nb_dbsrv_mod_time_match: i_nbdbinfo.dat or web.conf file is missing.

This error indicates that the credentials have been updated, but not yet made available to the web services.

not ok nbwmc_and_nb_dbsrv_mod_time_match: The i_nbdbinfo.dat and web.conf files were updated independently.
The i_nbdbinfo.dat file was modified after the web.conf file.


First, perform a NetBackup Catalog Backup.

Then follow the steps in "Changing the NetBackup database password" in the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume 1.

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