How To Install a NetBackup Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) using VxUpdate

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Last Published: 2022-05-27
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Instructions on installing a NetBackup Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) using VxUpdate

To install an Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB)

  1. Obtain the VxUpdate form of the EEB from support or via HotFix download technote.  VxUpdate supports only NetBackup 8.1.2 and newer client SJA EEB files this time.
  2. On the Primary (master) server, add the EEB to the NetBackup package repository.

     For Appliance Primary (Master) server: Download the .sja files to a local machine, then upload the files to /inst/patch/incoming on the appliance as follows:
    ■ On the machine with the downloaded files, log in to the NetBackup Appliance Web Console and navigate to Manage > Software Updates.
    ■ Select the downloaded files and upload them to the appliance. Run the following command in the Appliance Shell Menu to verify that all packages have been downloaded and extracted:
          Main > Manage > Software > List Downloaded
    After you have verified that all of the downloaded and extracted packages are listed, add the packages to the NetBackup package repository via the Appliance Shell Menu, example:
          Main > Manage > Software > VxUpdate> AddPkg nbeeb_4066508.1_9.1.0.1_windows_x64.sja

    For non-appliance NetBackup Primary servers, add the .sja package via nbrepo command:
    1. /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbrepo -a nbeeb.client_3999999.1_8.1.2_redhat_x64.sja

  3. There different ways that the this EEB can be installed on clients:
    1. A deployment policy can be created to schedule the installation of the EEB.
    2. Using Java GUI > Netbackup Management > Host Properties > clients > select client > right click > Upgrade Host...
    3. Using Java GUI > Netbackup Management  > select policies. In center window select a backup policy,  expand to show Attributes, Schedules, Clients, Backup Selections.  In right window client list select one or more clients. right click > Upgrade Host...
  4. When an EEB is deployed to a client using VxUdpdate, all services on the client will be stopped and all jobs will be stopped.  No new jobs will be allowed to start until the deployment is complete.
  5. A job will show up in the activity monitor for each client that VxUpdate installs the EEB.
  6. Once the installation is complete.  The installation of the EEB is recorded in the following files:

·        pack.history : The installation steps are recorded in this file along with the parameters passed to the installer (logParams).

·        pack.summary (UNIX) or history.log (Windows)

·        /usr/openv/pack/EEB/NetBackup_<version>/originals (UNIX) or <install_path>\VERITAS\Patch\EEB\NetBackup_<version>\originals (Windows) - any changed files will have their previous instances stored here.

  1. VxUpdate cannot be used to uninstall an EEB.  Please use the standard method to uninstall an EEB.

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