GRT backups of Exchange, Active Directory or SharePoint exits with a Status code 1.

GRT backups of Exchange, Active Directory or SharePoint exits with a Status code 1.

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Last Published: 2019-01-11
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GRT backups of Exchange\AD\SharePoint exits with a Status code 1. 

Error Message

Error bpbrm (pid=xxxx) from client Client_name: ERR - Unable to NFS mount the required file system. 

NBFSD log from the Media Server:
11:07:56.037 [PID.TID] <2> nbfsd_op: completed call 3595 - 0  /NBUFS_A_AA08C9E589FDD6CD_000
11:07:56.037 [PID.TID] <2> nbfs main: mount -o mtype=soft-o timeout=60 -o retry=1 Media_Server:/NBUFS_A_AA08C9E589FDD6CD_000 * 
11:07:56.037 [PID.TID] <2> _nbfs_mount_info_check: last access information does not exist, setting it
11:07:56.037 [PID.TID] <16> _nbfs_mount_info_get_name: WNetOpenEnum() failed, error = 1204
11:07:56.037 [PID.TID] <16> _nbfs_mount_info_set: unable to determine last export name
11:07:56.037 [PID.TID] <2> _nbfs_connect: adding connection for Media_Server:/NBUFS_A_AA08C9E589FDD6CD_000
11:07:56.037 [PID.TID] <16> _nbfs_connect: WNetAddConnection2() failed, error = 1204
11:07:57.051 [PID.TID] <16> _nbfs_connect: WNetAddConnection2() failed, error = 1204
11:08:02.121 [PID.TID] <16> _nbfs_connect: WNetAddConnection2() failed, error = 1204  . . .
11:08:57.891 [PID.TID] <16> _nbfs_connect: WNetAddConnection2() failed, error = 1204
11:08:57.891 [PID.TID] <16> _nbfs_connect: aborting connection, timeout period exceeded

The NFS test ( ) generates an Exit Status 41 - timeout period exceeded : 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>nbfs mount -server Media_Server -cred 0D982D7C89E491EC2B3E420BD446B2B29885C4E8922F64D5965FE4986309A316B6E83B46655AC2085BF2ED493D5CB1F49ABE83E6A3DAD32B9E4CBD257E2F3120 * 
aborting connection, timeout period exceeded 


Try the OS following command to confirm that its not Netbackup error: 
C:\>mount -o timeout=10 Media_Server:<MNTPATH> Drive Letter

Example - C:\>mount -o timeout=10 Media_Server:/NBUFS_A_D9CA4EC2395B381B_000 Z: 
Network Error - 1204 
Type 'NET HELPMSG 1204' for more information 
"The specified network provider name is invalid" 


This is caused due to an unknown corruption in the Client for NFS service. 


Uninstall Client for NFS, reboot the server and install Client for NFS. 

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