"Duplicate" jobs and "Verify" jobs will not run in parallel

"Duplicate" jobs and "Verify" jobs will not run in parallel

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Last Published: 2018-12-06
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Product(s): Backup Exec


It is not possible to run two "Duplicate" jobs or a "Duplicate" job along with a "Verify" job in parallel when backing up Virtual Machines (VM).

This behaviour only affects VMWare or Hyper-V backups done via the Agent for Virtual Machines.
Remote Agent backups are not affected by this design.

Error Message

“Ready; The Hyper-V or VMware backup job cannot run until the related job completes”




To maintain the high level of data integrity, the virtual platforms (like VMware or Hyper-V) recommends to open a virtual disk (i.e. for read/write) for one operation at a time.
Backup Exec follows this recommendation.

This means that "Duplicate" jobs and/or a "Verify" job for the same set cannot run in parallel.
This is applicable to GRT and Non-GRT backup / duplicate operation of Virtual Machines



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