Key information and guidelines for Backup Exec upgrades

Key information and guidelines for Backup Exec upgrades

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Last Published: 2018-11-08
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This article is intended to provide access to information covering prerequisites and instructions for planning and performing upgrades to Backup Exec (20.x) from 2014 and later versions.

Prequisites for Upgrades

Backup Exec Administrators should not start an upgrade without taking action on these points.

  • As all versions of the Backup Exec Appliance have been discontinued and cannot be upgraded to the latest versions of Backup Exec, appliance installations have to be migrated to new hardware and affected customers should review the document in the Upgrades and Migrations section further down this article.
  • Review the best practices information for upgrades (which also provides information pertaining to environments running on older hardware or using Backup Exec versions older than Backup Exec 2014):  Upgrading Backup Exec - Guidelines, Best Practices and Available Support
  • Check our Software and Hardware Compatibility Lists (against the configuration of the Backup Exec server AND any operating systems or applications that will be subject to backup operations.) To access these lists visit:
  • Ensure that the individual responsible for the upgrade is able to access the Veritas Licensing Portal (Veritas Entitlement Management System / VEMS) and is able to see their Backup Exec entitlements.  A guide to this portal is this article and its attached  PDF documents: VEMS Guide
  • In advance of the upgrade download the required version of the Backup Exec product installer and appropriate Backup Exec license files from the portal. After the download, extract the ISO file, for the installer from the ZIP and make sure it and the license files are available on the server(s) being upgraded. The steps to retrieve the Backup Exec installation and licenses are provided in Article 100044376
  • Check that the licenses, available in and downloaded from the portal do provide the same functionality as licenses in use on the existing Backup Exec installation. ( Backup Exec 20.3 License Guide )
  • Check that that the server concerned has enough disk space for the upgrade (upgrade attempts for installations on drives with limited space may experience problems, especially if the existing installation is on the C: drive.)
  • Check the free space of any existing Deduplication Storage Volume. Note: It is recommended that a Deduplication Storage Volume has over 20% free space (minimum is 12%) for the conversion process.
  • Check the credentials used to start the key Backup Exec services (that is the Agent Browser, Device & Media, Job Engine, Management Service AND Server services). These services should all be using the same administrative account and the individual performing the upgrade MUST know  the account name and password. IMPORTANT : these services should NOT be set to start as 'Local System' even though other Backup Exec services do start as 'Local System'
  • Evaluate the current job activity to identify when there is a suitable period (preferably with no job activity) to perform the upgrade.
  • Plan for a possible requirement to reboot the Backup Exec server during the upgrade process. Note: a reboot may not always be necessary.


Upgrade & Migration Guides

The guides in this section provide step-by-step details of specific upgrades or and information on Migration Scenarios. More complicated scenarios may require extra steps.






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