V-493-777-1103: Self test failed.

V-493-777-1103: Self test failed.

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Last Published: 2019-03-15
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Product(s): Appliances


Before upgrading, the  appliance runs a self test to check the health of the appliance. One or more tests failed during the self test.

Error Message

V-493-777-1103: Self test failed.


Some of the tests failed during the pre-upgrade self-test.


To check the health of he appliance, several tests are performed when running a self test. View the upgrade logs to find the details about the tests that failed. Collect the logs and share with the support representative:

  1. Log on to the Access Appliance shell menu.
  2. Enter the Main_Menu > Support view.
  3. Enter Logs > Share Open 

For assistance, contact Veritas Technical Support and ask the support representative to refer to this technical article.

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