Emergency Engineering Binary for NetBackup and CloudPoint issues

Emergency Engineering Binary for NetBackup and CloudPoint issues

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Integrated Snapshot Management (ISM) framework delivers an integration framework between NetBackup and the Veritas CloudPoint product. The framework enables NetBackup to support various methods for snapshot-based data protection for disk arrays.

More information about Integrated Snapshot Management (ISM) with NetBackup and CloudPoint is also available in the following guides:

This Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) fixes NetBackup and CloudPoint integration issues for on-premise storage arrays that use the VSO method.

Note: This EEB supports NetBackup version 8.1.1 and CloudPoint version 2.0.2.

  1. Issue [Etrack 3940752] Snapshot job fails if snapshot name uses special charaters such as "_"
    Problem description:
    The snapshot job for data (file system) residing on Pure Storage LUNs follows a nomenclature of naming snapshots. This nomenclature includes use of special characters such as '_'.
    Pure Storage does not allow use of such characters in snapshot names. Hence, the snapshot job fails.
    NetBackup does not use the '_' special character for snapshot names.

  2. Issue [Etrack 3942592] Deletion of expired snapshot images from NetBackup catalog fails with status code 156
    Problem description:
    A single snapshot image can comprise of multiple disks and their snapshots depending upon the file system composition or layout. Also, one image can comprise of multiple fragments each pointing to one or more disk snapshots. Deletion of such images happens in a sequential manner, that is, delete one snapshot after other. This process takes a time causing time-out issue at the NetBackup process level.
    NetBackup ensures that multiple delete requests are made in parallel to avoid time-out issue.
  3. Issue [Etrack 3943455] Snapshot backup jobs fail with status code 4207
    Problem description:
    In the snapshot rotation scenario, after five unsuccessful attempts to delete the snapshot images, the state files (snapshot metadata) gets deleted. Snapshot backup jobs then fail with status code 4207 as the snapshot metadata files are absent.
    NetBackup does not delete the snapshot (conducted by VSO snapshot method) metadata information after unsuccessful attempts.

  4. Issue [Etrack 3941139] File system data is not flushed to disk before the snapshot operation
    Problem description:
    Snapshots of LUNs that have ext4 file system on them do not contain complete data for that point in time.
    NetBackup ensures that the data of the file system is flushed off to the disks before the disks request for a snapshot of the device. The NetBackup mechanism did not flush the data before the snapshot operation.
    NetBackup now ensures that the data is flushed off to the disks before the disks request for a snapshot.

  5. Issue [Etrack 3939059] Snapshot deletion fails with error HTTP 404
    Problem description:
    Snapshot job fails while the job attempts snapshot rotation.
    Due to overlapping delete requests, a snapshot image might already be deleted when NetBackup requests for it. Request to delete the snapshot then fails with error HTTP 404. This issue occurs because the snapshot is not present in the array.
    NetBackup now correctly handles the error condition at the time of deletion.


Obtain the EEB from Veritas Support by providing Etrack 3940751.




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