During NetBackup BMR (Bare Metal Restore) restore of Operating System with ReFS volumes 3.x are downgraded to ReFS version 1.2.

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Last Published: 2019-05-20
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Windows 10 and above (Windows 2016 / Windows 2019) Operating systems by default format ReFS volumes with ReFS version 3.x.

During BMR restore the ReFS volumes are formatted with version 1.2. The files and folders on the ReFS volumes are restored. But, if there are any applications using ReFS version 3.x features, then those applications may not work as expected.

Note: ReFS version can be verified using the following command:

fsutil fsinfo refsinfo <DriveLetter:>


NetBackup BMR (Bare Metal Restore) restore environment for Windows is based on WinPE 5.0 which by default formats ReFS version to 1.2.


There is no direct solution for this issue because Windows has not provided upgrade of ReFS volume from version 1.2 to 3.x.


If you want ReFS volumes to be formatted with 3.x  version same as in backed up Operating System, perform below steps..

  1. Right click on BMR configuration and create copy of it by selection “New Client Configuration…”
  2. Edit copied configuration and exclude ReFS volume(s) from mapping.
  3. Perform Prepare to Restore operation and proceed with restore.
  4. After restore once machine is booted into Operating System, create ReFS volume(s) excluded  in step 2 and format with ReFS using Disk Management GUI or DISKPART commands. This will by default create ReFS volume of required version.
  5. Verify the ReFS version using the following command:

fsutil fsinfo refsinfo <DriveLetter:>

  1. Restore the volume(s) data from NetBackup BAR GUI application.


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