How to use Veritas Quick Assist to diagnose and correct technical issues

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Last Published: 2022-12-27
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Veritas Quick Assist (VQA) collects technical diagnostic data for many Veritas products.

Scans can be run against the system for common issues as well as installation requirements.  The information presented in the Report and Information tabs not only shows the issues diagnosed, but it also provides actionable solutions.

Note: If self diagnosis attempts do not resolve the issue the tool has the ability to collect and upload data for a support case.

In the examples below we will use the Enterprise Vault (EV) product.

Run a diagnostic scan

  1. On the computer that has the problem, download and run VQA. Optionally, VQA is also available in the EV installation directory 'Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\VQA' (Ensure you agree to update it should it detect a newer version).

  2. Read the Veritas Software License Agreement (EULA) that is displayed in the right hand pane of the window

  3. If you understand and accept the terms stated in the EULA then click I accept the EULA, otherwise click the Exit button.

  4. The VQA diagnostic tool opens to the Home tab

Figure: VQA diagnostic tool - Home tab

Section A: Collecting data: Self Help or for Support
Section B: Scan Results
Section C: Resources



Collecting data: Self Help or for Support

Choose one of the two options:

Self Help:  This report scans the environment and reports the findings for self diagnosis and correction.

1. In the Home tab, choose Start Scan

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2. Select Installed Products or Other Products

3. VQA will perform a system scan based on the products selected.

4. Wait for the scan to complete, then review the Report and Infomation tabs.


Collect Data for Support:  This option is used to collect data for support with an option to create a new case or upload the logs to an existing case.

  1. In the Home tab choose Collect Data for Support

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  2. Select Installed Products or Other Products

  3. Choose the Data Type.  Selecting All Data for Support is recommended.  Only choose limited data if the TSE requests it. 

    Note: Depending on the environment, choosing All Data could greatly lengthen scan time.
  4. Under Data collection options for Enterprise Vault, select the components against which you wish to scan, along with the relevant server addresses for servers which exist in the Enterprise Vault environment.

  5. VQA  will begin to collect data based on the products selected
  6. Once the scan completes, please fill out the optional Customer Information, this will assist Technical Support when the data is analyzed. Then choose Open or Update a Support Case
  7. In the first dialog that appears, fill in Veritas Account username and password and then click Log In

  8. In the next dialog, choose either Open a new case with evidence or Add evidence to an existing case

  9. Open a new case with evidence In the dialog titled Please select your support entitlement, select the entitlement and choose Next

  10. In the dialog titled ‘New case details’, fill out the form including the items:

    Issue severity
    Product version
    Case subject
    Detailed description
    Preferred contact method

    Note: If an issue’s severity is rated as A production or mission-critical system is down a warning will appear indicating that Support should be contacted directly by phone.

    Note: It is important that this information is filled out as accurately and thoroughly as possible as this will represent the Veritas Support technician’s complete description of the issue. If an issue is difficult to convey in the description field, then Veritas Support should be contacted directly by phone.
  11. Once the case details form is filled out, click Create and follow the progress with the Creating case bar
  12. A final status of the upload will indicate success or failure.

Note:  A choice is also available to upload evidence to an existing case.  This option is used if you already have an open support case. Please keep in mind that Support requests are limited to one issue per case.

Scan Results

Initially, Scan Results are not present in the Home Tab

After a successfully completed scan, this report populates with a clickable listing of gathered information, which is sorted by the type of message.  All information from this menu is stored in the Report tab.

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