How To Restore a Windows System State to an alternate location

How To Restore a Windows System State to an alternate location

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Last Published: 2010-11-19
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 How to recover the Windows 2003 System State / Shadow Copy Components to an alternate location

 1. Open the Backup and Restore GUI (BAR) and set the source and destination servers.
2. Using the BAR GUI select the applicable date from the 'NetBackup History' pane for which the restore is required
3. Mark / Select the 'System State' or 'Shadow Copy Components' from the 'All Folders'  pane Depending on which files you require (see below for differences)
4. Click the 'Start restore of marked files' button in the BAR GUI.
5. Choose the 'Restore individual folders and files to different locations' radio button from the 'Restore Marked Files' window.
6. Specify the restore destination by double-clicking the section beneath the 'Destination' heading. i.e. ' C:\Test '
7. Specify overwrite existing files by selecting the 'Overwrite existing files' radio button.
8. Click the 'Start restore' button to start the restore . The restored files will be found under the destination path specified above.

This restore will include the following directories depending on the selection : 

System State selection

Registry > Windows registry files (.DAT)
System Files > Windows system directory
COM+ Class Registration Database

Shadow Copy Components selection

Event Logs  > Windows event logs
Windows Management Instrumentation > Windows WBEM repository






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