The Automated User Assignment does not work when configured for "Assign using Active Directory"

The Automated User Assignment does not work when configured for "Assign using Active Directory"

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Last Published: 2020-03-27
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It is possible to configure a DLO Automated User Assignment to assign users to specific DLO Profiles using specific Active Directory criteria like group membership.

The standard DLO mechanism of "Assign using Domain and Group" does not work when the desired AD Group is of Group Scope "Domain Local" or "Universal".

When configuring "Assign using Active Directory", however it doesn't properly honor the specified group and users are not added to DLO.

Error Message

 Users are not added to DLO automatically.


The reason why "Assign using Domain and Group" does not display "Domain Local" or "Universal" groups is because of the API which is used to pull data from Active Directory.

The reason why "Assign using Active Directory" doesn't work is because the Full Distinguished Active Directory name of the Group object needs to be specified.


Use the Microsoft tool 'adsiedit' to figure out what the Full Distinguished name is of the Domain Local group object within Active Directory.


Then, from within the DLO Administration Console,
1. Navigate into Startup > Automated User Assignments > New User Assignment

2. Select Assign using Active Directory > Configure

3. Click Browse to find the "In (LDAP Directory)" Full Distinguished name

If your domain is, "In (LDAP Directory)" is LDAP://DC=jddlo,DC=com

4. Select "Only the objects in this directory that match the criteria below"

5. For Attributes, select memberOf

6. For Condition, select =

7. For Value, specify the Full Distinguished name of the desired group
Example: CN=DLO_USERS_Local,CN=Users,DC=jddlo,DC=com

You can find "MemberOf" value for a user by the following command on Powershell if the username is testuser.

Get-ADuser -identity testuser -property memberof

<Return values by Get-ADuser -identity testuser -property memberof>
DistinguishedName : CN=testuser,CN=DLO_USERS,CN=Users,DC=jddlo,DC=com
Enabled           : True
GivenName         :
MemberOf          : {CN=DLO_USERS,CN=Users,DC=jddlo,DC=com}
Name              : testuser
ObjectClass       : user
ObjectGUID        : 7538bcd4-2c87-4b76-8229-4f3ced22ab86
SamAccountName    : testuser
SID               : S-1-5-21-2109476077-1972574819-3722176548-1113
Surname           : testuser
UserPrincipalName :

8. Click OK to save the changes


The Automated User Assignment should now work as desired.


Note: The Microsoft tool 'adsiedit' can be freely obtained via the Windows Support Tools:

Note: If you prefer a different tool to find the Full Distinguished name of the AD Group Object, you may use it.


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Desktop Laptop Option all versions

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