Storage Lifecycle Policy (SLP) tuneable parameters to optimize the duplication process.

Storage Lifecycle Policy (SLP) tuneable parameters to optimize the duplication process.

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Storage Lifecycle Policy (SLP) tuneable parameters to optimize the duplication process.


An optional configuration file can be created to assist thelifecycle to run duplication jobs more efficiently. To prevent the lifecyclefrom running numerous small duplication jobs in frequent succession, NetBackupaccumulates lists of similar images into a batch. Then, each batch of images iscopied as a set in one duplication job, instead of
one image at atime.

The NetBackup administrator can change how large the batch filescan become, or how frequently batch jobs are requested. To do so, theadministrator creates and changes the default parameters in theLIFECYCLE_PARAMETERS file. One or all of the parameters can appear in any orderin the LIFECYCLE_PARAMETERS file. If the file is not present in the followingdirectory, NetBackup uses the default parameters:

Windows:     install_path\NetBackup\db\config
Unix/Linux:   install_path/netbackup/db/config


TheMIN_KB_SIZE_PER_DUPLICATION_JOB parameter default is 8 gigabytes. This parameterindicates the total size that the image batch can reach before a duplication jobis run for the batch. The lifecycle looks for completed images to be added to abatch every five minutes. The lifecycle does not request a duplication job untileither:
  • Thetotal size of the images in a batch reaches the minimum size as indicated byMIN_KB_SIZE_PER_DUPLICATION_JOB, or
  • TheMAX_MINUTES_TIL_FORCE_SMALL_DUPLICATION_JOB time has passed. This parameterdetermines the maximum time between batchrequests.


TheMAX_KB_SIZE_PER_DUPLICATION_JOB parameter default is 25 gigabytes. Thisparameter determines how large the image batch can grow. When the size reachesthe size as indicated by this parameter, no more images are added to thebatch.


TheMAX_MINUTES_TIL_FORCE_SMALL_DUPLICATION_JOB parameter default is 30 minutes. Ifthe minimum batch size is not reached by the time indicated, the lifecyclerequests a duplication job, regardless of thesize.


Thefollowing is an example of the contents and syntax for a LIFECYCLE_PARAMETERSfile, using the default values:


Note:The value for parameters MIN_KB_SIZE_PER_DUPLICATION andMAX_KB_SIZE_PER_DUPLICATION_JOB is in KB (Kilobytes).
The value forparameter MAX_MINUTES_TIL_FORCE_SMALL_DUPLICATION_JOB  is in minutes.

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