Cross Mount Points and Windows

Cross Mount Points and Windows

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Last Published: 2010-01-19
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Cross Mount Points and Windows


There is a NetBackup Policy attributecalled Cross mount points.  It is documented as:  The Crossmount points attribute controls whether NetBackup crosses file system boundariesduring a backup on UNIX clients.

Although not documented as such, thispolicy attribute also applies to Windows 2003 and 2008 OperatingSystems.

In Windows 2003 and 2008, it is possible toconfigure a mount point in Disk Management.  When configuring a NewPartition, instead of assigning the partition to a drive letter, select theoption "Mount in the following empty NTFS folder:"  See Example 1below:


In thisexample, if a NetBackup Policy is configured with E:\ or ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES in the Backup Selections list, the contents of E:\MyMountPoint will not get backed up if the attribute Cross mountpoints is not selected.  This is to prevent circular/infinitebackups.

In order to backup the contents of E:\MyMountPoint, thepath needs to be specifically listed in Backup Selections or Cross mountpoints needs to be selected.

If you are unsure if your operatingsystem has a partition mounted as a mount point as opposed to a drive letter,you can run the command mountvol.  Among other things, this commandwill list all the mounted volumes and their mount points.

Example outputfrom mountvol:
Possible values forVolumeName along with current mount pointsare:





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