How to move a Fingerprint Database in Enterprise Vault (EV)

How to move a Fingerprint Database in Enterprise Vault (EV)

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Last Published: 2020-05-19
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How to move a Fingerprint Database in Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 and earlier releases.


This article is for Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 and earlier releases. From Enterprise Vault 12.0 and higher, use Set-EVDatabaseDetail PowerShell cmdlet to update the SQL server connection information for an Enterprise Vault database. See the Enterprise Vault PowerShell Cmdlets guide for information about the Set-EVDatabaseDetail PowerShell cmdlet.

If the SQL Server location of a vault store group's fingerprint database has changed, the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database must be updated with the new location.

The attached SQL script can be used to update the Directory database with the required information for EV version 11.0.1 and earlier.

Use the following procedure to move the fingerprint database and update the Directory database:

1.  Stop all Enterprise Vault services on all servers.  

2.  Move the fingerprint database to the new SQL Server. Refer to Microsoft documentation for procedures. Remember that the database may be configured as a multi-device database.

3.  Ensure that the SQL Server is running.

4.  Copy the contents of the attached script into a SQL Query window. 
5.  The following section in the script should be modified with the names of the vault store group name, fingerprint database and the new SQL Server. 
-- IMPORTANT : Complete the following with correct parameters

SELECT @vaultStoreGroupName = N'VSG_NAME',  -- The name of the Vault Store Group to be moved. This can be found under "Display Name" in the VaultStoreGroup table. 
@fingerprintDBName = N'FPCDB_NAME', -- The name of the database that has been moved to a different SQL server
@newSQLServerName = N'NEW_SQL_SERVER_NAME' -- The name of the new SQL Server

6.  Execute the SQL script against the Directory database.

7.  Restart the Enterprise Vault services.




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