What is the "Use storage-based catalogs" option in Backup Exec and what are the effects of clearing this check box?

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Last Published: 2020-06-16
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What is the "Use storage-based catalogs" option in Backup Exec and what are the effects of clearing this check box?

Error Code: 0xe000944b - There was no data to catalog on the backup set
UMI Code: V-79-57344-37963

Error Code: 0xe0000900 - The requested media is not listed in the media index and could not be mounted. To add the media's catalog information to the disk-based catalogs, run an inventory operation on the media and resubmit the Catalog operation.
UMI Code: V-79-57344-2304


The places where the catalogs are written to are referred to as on-disk (hard disk) and storage media (the tape that holds the backup set). If the on-disk catalog is present (the selections already appear on the Restore tab), there is no need to catalog a media.

When there is a need to catalog a media, there is an option to Use storage-based catalogs. This option can be accessed by clicking Tools | Options | Catalog.

Note: Backup Exec Catalogs are stored by default at C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Catalogs  ( Upgrades from BE 15 and earlier versions will maintain this path). Backup Exec 16 stores the Catalogs at C:\Program Files\Veritas\Backup Exec\Catalogs) 

When the Use storage-based catalogs check box is selected, Backup Exec is able to read the catalog information that is on the media. This allows the catalog operation to complete much faster as it is not reading each file on the media to build a new catalog.

If the Use storage-based catalogs check box is not selected during a catalog operation, all files on the tape must be read file-by-file to create a new catalog.

Having the Use storage-based catalogs check box cleared is very useful when cataloging media written by other backup software applications, such as ArcServe. When running a catalog operation with this check box not selected, it is normal that the procedure will take a long time to complete. The catalog procedure may take as long or longer than the time it took to record the backup job operation.

If a particular backup job spanned more than one tape, clearing this option also allows you to catalog one of the tapes independently without requiring the other tapes. Backup Exec will catalog the particular tape only.

Note: Having this check box selected or cleared will not affect backup operations in any way. Catalogs are still written to the tape and the hard disk regardless of this setting. This option only applies to Catalog operations.



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