Event ID 58057: "Backup Exec Alert: Media Error. The Backup-to-Disk device is offline".

Event ID 58057: "Backup Exec Alert: Media Error. The Backup-to-Disk device is offline".

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Last Published: 2019-12-16
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Event ID 58057: "Backup Exec Alert: Media Error (Server: "%server%). The Backup-to-Disk device is offline" in the Event Viewer Application Log.

Error Message

UMI Code : V-275-559

UMI Code : V-379-58057

Event ID: 58057
Source: Backup Exec
Type: Error
Description: Backup Exec Alert: Media Error (Server: "%server%") The Backup to Disk device is offline.


  The alert occurred becauseVeritas Backup Exec could not access the Backup-to-Disk device.

  This is typically caused by one or more of the following reasons also:

  1. Backup to disk folder files have become corrupted for some reason.
  2. Folder becoming inaccessible due to it being deleted, renamed or unshared.
  3. It may also be caused by a disk full condition.
  4. The folder state has been set to offline or device communications could be down in case if the backup-to-disk folder is located on a remote server / NAS.
  5. Administrator password on the remote device has been changed.
  6. Changes to device IP address / Name have not been updated and corresponding DNS entries are missing.


  1. Make sure the volume/folder where the backup-to-disk folder is targeted is available and has not been renamed or compressed.
  2. Make sure there is enough free space available on the volume containing the backup-to-disk folder. (See Related documents)
  3. If the volume is a set to be a remote volume or share then confirm that the backup to disk folder is online and accessible from the media server. (See Related documents).
  4. If the password has changed for the volume then update the password within Backup Exec console also within Logon account select the updated log on account that needs to be changed out.
  5. A possible name resolution is needed to the backup exec disk location by using the DNS flush switch to resolve the name resolution issues which may occur due to the recent change. ( Start > Run > Cmd > ipconfig /flushdns )

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